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About us

BJEII ENGINEERING OF FACILITIES is a company founded by Benedicto Jiménez Esteso in 1999, as a continuation of his experience and professional application in the field of electrical installations in large buildings and, especially, in those of sanitary use.

During 2019, BJEII FACILITIES ENGINEERING celebrates its 20th anniversary in its professional dedication to building installations.


Benedict Jimenez

The knowledge acquired throughout his career for more than 40 years in the facets of installer, maintainer and prescriber, is present in the philosophy of work and planning of the solutions, considering all the conditions inherent to each of the mentioned activities. As a partner, he currently carries out technical advisory activities to the professional team of BJEII INSTALLATION ENGINEERING.

Professional team

BJEII is formed by young professionals, but with extensive experience in building facilities engineering, among which there are Industrial Engineers, Technical Engineers and Vocational Training Technicians. The group of people who form it share the enthusiasm, responsibility and commitment to a job well done.


Work philosophy

Our goal is to develop innovative solutions that allow efficient management of energy in the facilities to reduce their consumption, while allowing the supervision and control of buildings. All this based on the experience and knowledge acquired in the more than 40 years of our founder's professional career and the 20 years of life of our company.

Responsibility and work commitment

Beyond complying with the labor obligation, we commit to our client for your total satisfaction. In this way, we adapt to the requirements of term and budget, always looking for the best result.


Viable solutions

BJEII offers for the installations in buildings, viable solutions from the technical, functional, regulatory and economic points of view. All this considering the conditions inherent to each of the activities mentioned in the Services we offer.

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